100-Foot Wide

Our deep-water standing surf wave is powered by citywave®

Beginner to Pro

Endless and adjustable surf waves of two feet to head high on our deep-water wave. Surf your own board or rent one from our extensive quiver.

45-Minute Sessions

Similar to a skate park, drop in when it’s your turn with 10-12 surfers per channel at a time.

One to Three Channels

Our moveable dividers allow maximum versatility for one 100-foot wide wave or two channels (35 feet & 60 foot) or three 30-foot channels.

Aerial view of the wave at full width with no dividers
Rendering of surf wave with three surf lanes at once

The Wai Kai Wave’s moveable dividers allows options to operate with one, two or three channels of surfing

Expert Girl Surfer on CityWave
boy rides on back of dad like a surfboard on standing wave
Three people surf together on a standing wave



Wave For Everyone

In partnership with citywave®, we've created a unique deep-water standing wave that offers waves for high-speed carving turns and an authentic surf experience in a full-service surf park. The 100-foot wide wave will have the ability to be run as one giant open canvas to shred on (ideal for contests or pro surf demos) but can also be divided into 2 or 3 surfing channels with waves that can be adapted from beginner surfers (2 to 3-foot wave) to advanced levels (head-high wave), on demand. The wave versatility is also great for all forms of wave riding including SUP, Bodyboarding and Body Surfing. With The LookOut bar & restaurant and the surf-side seating overlooking the surf action, the Wai Kai Wave is great for spectators too!

Waves for Any Skill Level

With the ability to adjust the size of the waves by changing the pump configuration as well as to adjust the width of the wave from 30-foot for beginners to 100-foot for experts, the Wai Kai Wave can truly offer a fun and exhilarating surf experience for all surf skill levels. So, whether it's a Learn-to-Surf session for first timers, a heart-pumping ride for advanced surfers or even contests for pro surfers -- the Wai Kai Wave has got you covered!

Instructor surfs with boy to teach standing wave skills


  • Click here to watch a video of the action
  • Surf Instructors begin with a “Getting Started” video of what to expect and are then nearby to provide helpful instruction.
  • Learn-to-Surf Sessions include a lesson with surfboard to ease you into surfing the Wai Kai Wave. 
  • First attempts may include an integrated handrail for added stability and then future progressions without the handrail
  • credit: citywave® USA at Lakeside Surf
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Experienced surfers improve their skills on the standing wave

Intermediate & Advanced

  • Click here to watch a video of the action
  • After mastering the basics of independently entering and riding the surf wave, the next step is all about progression and improving your front-side and back-side turns and rail-to-rail surfing.
  • credit: citywave® USA at Lakeside Surf
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Pro surfers getting guidance from Shane Beschen

Expert & Pro

  • Click here to watch a video of the action
  • Shane Beschen and his team of coaches at the Wai Kai Wave will host elite-level training sessions for those seeking to break through to the next level or those looking to tune up their competitive surfing game.

  • credit: citywave® USA at Lakeside Surf
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Surfing legend, Shane Beschen

Surf Academy

The Wai Kai Wave Surf Academy has been developed with Shane Beschen, former #2 ranked surfer in the world, X-Games Champion and currently Red Bull's high-performance surf coach. Shane's long history of collaboration with citywave® gives him an in-depth understanding of the progression and training opportunities that a continuous standing wave can provide. Shane has created a range of programs for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced surfers that will help all to become better surfers. Shane is also a Surf Ambassador for The LineUp and a partner in Wai Kai Wave, LLC.

Watch for Shane's kids, Noah and Koda, training regularly and having fun on the Wai Kai Wave as they pursue their own pro surfing careers!


Group lessons will be offered for groups and will be segmented by skill level.  Bring your friends, your surf team, or join up with new friends during your session. Instruction and rental equipment will be provided with Group Surf Lessons.

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Private lessons for individuals or semi-private lessons for two surfers with similar skill levels will be available for 45-minute sessions on designated time periods throughout the week. Private Lessons also will include surf-side video analysis.

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For elite surfers, we offer specialty surf clinics that can focus on specific maneuvers and advanced surf techniques, as well as the option to test different board types and sizes. All elite clinics include surf-side video analysis.

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  • citywave® Technology – emulates famous natural standing waves like Oahu’s famous North Shore Waimea River Sand Bar or the Eisbach River in Munich.
  • Deep Water: patented technology creates deep water in front and behind the wave allowing for the use of real surfboards with fins for carving turns and top to bottom surfing on a natural wave shape with a glassy surface.
  • Authentic Surf Experience: this is NOT a “sheet wave” like you may have seen at water parks or cruise ships, the Wai Kai Wave is an authentic surf experience.
  • On-Demand Wave Variety for All Skill Levels: a variety of waves can be offered-up by changing the water volume coming from the 22 high-power pumps and also adjusting the sub-surface foils to create waves “on-demand”. This includes the ability to create breaking sections for attacking the lip or practicing airs. Wave height can vary from 2-foot to head high.
  • Drop-In Surfing: typically, there are 10-12 surfers per channel at a time, similar to a skate park, where you drop in after you wait your turn. Don’t worry about getting your fill, after one 45-minute session your legs will be begging for a rest!
  • Multi-Sized Surf Channels: the 100-foot wide wave can operate with 1, 2 or 3 channels of surf action which maximizes the ability to run contests, create a variety of waves for varying skill levels and have over 30 people/hour surfing.
  • Safety: the entire surf pool is padded with a specially developed foam to create soft falls. We also will provide helmets to all kids and first timers. When you fall (or decide to take a break), you simply get pushed out into a 4-foot deep area of water behind the surf zone of the wave and exit the pool from the back and get in line for your next turn while you rest.
  • All Ages Can Learn: beginner sessions will also have the option to use a grab-bar to hold onto which makes the learning curve incredibly easy for kids on up to active seniors. It’s as simple as standing up while holding a railing and then keeping your balance.
  • Learn More: visit citywave.de

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