Waves For Any Skill Level

From first timers to experts, the Wai Kai Wave powered by citywave® offers an exhilarating surf experience for all skill levels.

Kids Learning to Surf on the Wai Kai Wave


The Wai Kai Wave is a great place to surf for the first time.  Lessons are available and our coaches are always nearby to help you learn and to cheer you on!


The novice surfer is confident moving across the face of the wave and making most turns. Spend time practicing your skills or book a clinic and learn to ride the wave as we ramp up the setting to the next level.


In these sessions the wave is configured to maximize progression for surfers that have nailed the basics are are making solid front-side and back-side turns, rail-to-rail surfing and generating speed.

Expert & Pro

At this level the Wai Kai Wave is maxed out to generate the highest speeds and hardest carving turns possible. We can change things up on the fly to offer settings for practicing airs and other high performance maneuvers.

Plan Your Surf Session

The wave operates in three formats with the wave height turned up or down on demand:

surfer riding standing wave

30-Foot Channel

Three 30-foot wide waves running at the same time, each with its own skill level. Choose the channel and session that best suits your ability.

girl demonstrates surfing skills on standing wave

65-Foot Channel

Here we run one 30-foot and one 65-foot wide wave together. Ideal for Novice to Experts to get their shred on!  Speed, Turns, Airs!!!

100-Foot Channel

Ride the biggest standing wave in the world: The 100-Foot Wave!  The ultimate session for novice to expert surfers.

Surf Schedule

Use the schedule to plan your surf session.
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Uncles Pau Hana Surf

Calling all uncles and aunties! Be part of the Uncles Pau Hana Surf & Meet!

This six-week program is designed for surfers over the age of 35 to train and work with The LineUp surf coaches and improve their skill sets on the Wai Kai Wave.  At the end of the program, participants will be invited to enter a competition to earn bragging rights and prizes!

Click to learn more about the Uncles Movement 

Wahine Wednesdays

Every Wednesday at 5:45 p.m., join a group of amazing women of all different skill levels for an exhilarating surf session on the Wai Kai Wave. Rental boards are included with your registration or bring your own.

This is a great way to get some exercise and meet with new friends!

Shane Beschen

Surfing legend, Shane Beschen

Surf Lessons

From beginner to elite level, the Wai Kai Surf Academy includes programs for anyone that wants to become a better surfer. Start with an hour long Private Performance Coaching Session to improve your form or go for the 3-Session Progression Package to sharpen your skills.

The program has been developed with Shane Beschen, former #2 ranked surfer in the world, X-Games Champion and currently Red Bull's high-performance surf coach.

citywave® Technology: emulates famous natural standing waves like Oahu’s North Shore Waimea River Sand Bar or the Eisbach River in Munich.

Deep Water: patented technology creates a deep water wave which allows for the use of real surfboards with fins for carving turns.

Authentic Surf Experience: this is not a “sheet wave” like you may have seen at water parks or cruise ships, the Wai Kai Wave is a real surfing wave.

On-Demand Wave Variety for All Skill Levels: by changing the water volume and also adjusting the sub-surface foils we can create breaking sections for attacking the lip or practicing airs. Wave height can vary from 2-foot to head high.

Drop-In Surfing: typically, there are 10-12 surfers per channel at a time, similar to a skate park, where you drop in when it’s your turn. Don’t worry about getting your fill, after one 45-minute session your legs will be begging for a rest!

Multi-Sized Surf Channels: the 100-foot wide wave can operate with 1, 2 or 3 channels of surf action which maximizes the ability to run contests, create a variety of waves for varying skill levels and have 30+ people surfing at once.

Safety: the entire surf pool is padded to create soft falls.  After you fall you gently wash out into a shallow area behind the surf zone.

All Ages Can Learn: the learning curve is easy for kids on up to active seniors. Our amazing surf coaches guide all first timers through the entire process.

Standing wave