Sustainability is carefully considered with everything we do at The LineUp at Wai Kai.  From water usage to our food suppliers to the products in our retail shop, we do our best to make conscientious choices that will help reduce our footprint on this earth.

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The LineUp at Wai Kai has been benchmarked by the only sustainability standard built for the surf park industry. Developed by STOKE (Sustainable Tourism & Outdoors Kit for Evaluation) — the first sustainability certification built for adventure travel with members in 15 countries — the STOKE Surf Parks standard was developed over three years with input from major wave technology providers and surf parks. We are proud to integrate sustainability from the ground up and create goals for the future in order for Wai Kai become one of the first STOKE Certified surf parks in the world. Our team is working hard to meet all of the requirements once we are operational, so stay tuned as we strive for best practices related to community development, cultural heritage, and environmental conservation.

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The LineUp at Wai Kai is proud to be working with Sustainable Surf and their SeaTrees program to wipe out the CO2 footprint of our operations of the Wai Kai Wave and support local projects including the Hoʻowaiwai Watershed Project.

We'll be purchasing SeaTrees Tokens, which combine certified carbon credits and direct restoration of coastal watershed in Hawaii. Each token we purchase will sequester one ton of CO2 emissions from our planet. The LineUp at Wai Kai is committed to protecting our oceans and pursuing a sustainable future.

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The LookOut has been certified as an Ocean Friendly Restaurant by Surfrider Foundation.

As one of Surfrider Foundation’s core National programs, the OFR certification offers restaurants an easy way to show their commitment to making sustainable choices for our ocean and for us to show your support for great places to eat and drink that are part of the solution!

By choosing to eat, drink and be merry at an OFR, you’re supporting restaurants that have committed to:

1. Helping to eliminate plastic pollution
2. Shifting our food chain to more sustainable options
3. Shifting the hearts and minds of anyone who likes food and drink
4. Showcasing the solutions we need to our climate and plastic crises

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The LineUp has partnered with MiiR to offer our guests bottles, cups and tumblers available at Sessions, Foam and the surfside bar to fill up with a coffee, cocktail or filtered water from one of our 3 bottle refill stations on site.

With design, generosity and sustainability at their core, MiiR adamantly and actively contributes to the prosperity of people and planet. In alignment with their goal to give more and take less, they’ve formulated a Designed for Sustainability Standard that focuses on four key areas:

Durability: engineering products to meet the demands of everyday life.
Replaceability: if a component breaks down, replacements are available to extend product life.
Recyclability: their products are made with materials that can be placed in blue bins or commercially recycled.
Circularity: when possible they take back misprinted, damaged, or well-loved products and use them as raw material feedstock for alternative manufacturing.

Each year, they invest a portion of their top-line revenue in non-profit organizations whose work empowers communities while benefiting the health of our natural environments.

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Sustainable island products

The Wai Kai site will operate with a no single-use plastic policy. This includes all daily operations as well as any events that are hosted on the property. Further we are working with great vendors to provide sustainable options from our food services for grab & go packaging that includes Sustainable Island Products and Mananalu Water who will help ensure we keep our landfills plastic free.

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The LineUp is proud to partner with Starboard. The Plastic Offset Program (POP) was created by Starboard to offset the plastic production required in their manufacturing by reducing the amount of waste which stays within the natural environment through clean up. Their collection teams intersect beaches after storms to collect as much waste as possible to limit the impact on nature. Additionally, their program aims to reduce the amount of waste being incinerated to generate energy and consistently works on ways to increase the amount of waste recycled into new products each year.

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Sustainable Events

Due to the nature of our location being in close proximity to the lagoon, the ocean and surrounding environment, our events team has implemented Sustainable Events Standards for all our venues.

We ensure every event does not use any single-use plastics and any disposable products must be 100% BPI certified compostable. Because beverages in aluminum bottles or glass bottles are required, we ensure proper sorting for recycling. We encourage all foods to be sourced locally and ask vendors to use local ingredients whenever possible. We try to reduce or eliminate the unnecessary waste of one-time decorations so balloons, streamers, confetti, etc. are not allowed on property.

Additionally, the first Sunday of every month is Sustainability Sunday where we feature a local non-profit organization committed to sustainable solutions to host a talk story and/or activity on-site. A percentage of overall profits from the full day’s activities at Wai Kai, generated through The LineUp and Kitchen Door, will go back to this organization to support their mission.

Are you interested in holding a sustainable event at Wai Kai? Or are you a non-profit organization interested in being a beneficiary of Sustainable Sundays?

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