• What time is Na Opio Kai?

    For the summer 2023 Na Opio Kai sessions, drop-off each morning is from 7:30 to 8:00 a.m. and pick up is at 2:00 p.m. sharp.  Please bring your child to the tents on the Surfside Lawn for check-in each morning.

  • Do you offer early drop-off or late pick-up options?

    Currently, we are not offering early drop-off or late pick-up options. We hope to introduce these options in future Na Opio Kai programs.

  • How many children will be in my child’s session and what is the staff-to-participant ratio?

    For the 2023 Na Opio Kai summer sessions, we are accepting a maximum of 20 participants for each session in each age group.  Our planned participant-to-instructor ratio is 8:1 with a minimum of two instructors per group.

  • Does my child need to know how to swim?

    Yes, your child should be comfortable swimming, however they do not need to be an excellent swimmer. They should be comfortable with being in water where they cannot touch the bottom.  All children will be required to wear PFDs anytime they are out on the Lagoon.  Children under the age of 10 will use the “Splash and Play” feature of the Wai Kai Wave with a body board, while children 10 and older will have the option to learn-to-surf or improve their surfing skills on the wave.

  • What happens during inclement weather?

    Safety is our number one priority, for our staff and our participants. With Hawaii weather, we will continue to operate during a slight rainstorm. However, during a lightning storm or other severe weather event, we will need to cancel our water activities.  Paddling events in the Wai Kai Lagoon may also be suspended due to high winds that would make activities unsafe.  In these events, we will schedule more land-based activities.  We will monitor the weather forecast closely and communicate any changes to the planned schedule.

  • Is payment due in full when I register?

    At this time, you must submit payment in full to reserve a spot for your child.  Please use the on-line registration system and you may pay by credit card.

  • May I sign-up my child for more than one session?

    Yes, of course. We welcome children in multiple sessions.

  • Is there Kamaaina pricing or LineUp Local discounts for Na Opio Kai?

    Na Opio Kai is geared for local kids and the pricing is meant to already reflect discounted rates for Kamaaina.  There are no other Kamaaina discounts currently available for Na Opio Kai.

  • What does my child need for Na Opio Kai?

    Participants will be provided with a Na Opio Kai UV shirt.  Kids are recommended to dress in light comfortable clothing that is suitable for getting wet.  We recommend that participants do not bring any valuables to the lessons including cell phones, jewelry, and wallets. Participants can leave their belongings in a non-secure location by the registration tent.  Lockers are available for an additional $20 per week.

  • What should my child bring to Na Opio Kai?

    Participants are recommended to bring the following:

    Refillable water bottle.  We adhere to a no single-use plastic policy and do not allow disposable plastic water bottles. Water fill stations are available throughout the property


    Wetsuit top (optional)




    Reef-safe sunscreen (non-aerosol)

    Change of clothing (optional)

    Please have your child’s name on all of their belongings.

  • Do you allow children to bring a cell phone to Na Opio Kai?

    Cell phones or any electronics are not permitted to be used during the lessons. If a participants must bring a cell phone for communications, it is recommended that a locker is rented to store the cell phone securely.  Lockers are available for $20 for the week and can be activated by a special RFID wristband that the child can wear.

  • Who do I inform about my child's food allergies?

    Any food allergies need to be communicated on the Na Opio Kai Registration Form, which needs to be completed at least one week prior to the start of your child’s Na Opio Kai session. During check in, please confirm your child’s allergies and/or any medical conditions.

  • Are nuts served as snacks or included in activities at Na Opio Kai?

    Due to the prevalence of tree nut and peanut allergies we ask that parents NOT send their children with anything that contains nuts, peanuts, or nut products. This includes, but is not limited to, peanut butter, cookies or baked goods containing peanuts, trail mix, Nutella, or any Nutella-based items, etc. (Note: “soy nut” butter and sunflower seed butter are great alternatives to peanut butter). Nut products will not be included in any camp lunches or activities.

  • May I register someone else’s child for Na Opio Kai?

    No. Please be aware that only the legal guardian may register participant. If a child is registered by someone other than a legal guardian, that child may be removed from the Na Opio Kai roster.

  • Can I find out whether my child's friend(s) is in a certain session of Na Opio Kai?

    No. Due to confidentiality concerns, we cannot provide the names or registration information of other Na Opio Kai participants.

  • What if I need to cancel my Na Opio Kai registration?

    Once you register for the lessons bundle, Na Opio Kai and The LineUp at Wai Kai adhere to a strict cancellation and refund policy. If for any reason you need to cancel your registration, you must do so prior to the cancellation deadline.

    If parents/guardians cancel:

    Two weeks or more before the first day of your registered session = full refund minus $25 processing fee

    Within two weeks of the first day of your registered session = 50% refund minus $25 processing fee

    Within one week or less of the first day of your registered session = $0 refund

    If the LineUp at Wai Kai cancels Na Opio Kai:

    If lessons have not yet begun = full refund

    If lessons have already begun = full refund minus the pro rata amount for the days spent at Na Opio Kai

    Two weeks or more before the first day of your registered session = full refund

  • Is there first aid on site?

    Our surf and waterfront staff are first-aid and CPR certified. First aid kits and AEDs are located throughout the property.

  • Who do I call if I have an emergency or urgent questions?

    If you have an emergency or an urgent question while your child is attending Na Opio Kai, please call 808.900.3529. For all other inquiries, please call (808) 515-7873.

  • I am concerned about leaving my child at Na Opio Kai. What safety measures do you take?

    Your child’s safety and well-being are our top priority.  Our Na Opio Kai staff must submit to background checks and are trained to work with children. For their safety, we ask that your child wear the Na Opio Kai t-shirt everyday so they can be clearly identified. Na Opio Kai Instructors, Counselors-in-Training, and additional staff will also wear easily identifiable T-shirts and carry radios to keep in contact with each other. Check-in and check-out procedures are specifically designed with your child’s safety in mind. If you have additional concerns, please feel free to contact us.

    Parents are welcome to stay on property and enjoy themselves, however parents will not be permitted to participate in the activities with the children.  On the property we have The LookOut restaurant, the Wave Deck, as well as surf sessions and lagoon activities that parents may purchase separately from the Na Opio Kai programs.  Please see the website for pricing and options.

  • What are the expectations for a participant’s behavior while they are at Na Opio Kai?

    The LineUp at Wai Kai and Na Opio Kai are all about respect. We expect that all participants will respect themselves, other people, the surf park and lagoon facilities, and nature. Respectful behavior will help to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone. At the beginning of every session, each Na Opio Kai group will further discuss the group’s expectations for good behavior. The LineUp at Wai Kai and Na Opio Kai reserves the right to suspend any participant that does not abide by our expectations for good behavior.

    Prior to participating in Na Opio Kai, all children and their parent(s)/guardian(s) will need to review and agree to the Na Opio Kai Code of Conduct.

  • Do I need to complete a waiver for my child?

    Yes, all participants in Na Opio Kai and any of the lagoon or surf activities at The LineUp at Wai Kai will first need to have their parent(s) or guardian(s) complete a waiver on their behalf.  Please complete this waiver.

  • How long has Na Opio Kai been in existence?

    With the opening of The LineUp at Wai Kai on March 25th, the summer of 2023 will be our inaugural sessions for Na Opio Kai.

  • What will be served for food each day?

    Food during the program will be determined by the Executive Chef at The LookOut, and will be a healthy mix of foods that will appeal to most children.  Some options may include sandwiches or roll-ups, pizza, chicken fingers, fruits, vegetables, juice, and a healthy snack mid-day.

    Special dietary needs can be accommodated with advanced notice.

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