boy learns to surf on standing wave


The Wai Kai Wave is the easiest way for beginners to learn to surf.  You just slide into the wave and go!

Sessions include a video orientation, demonstrations on how to start surfing and on-going pointers throughout your session. The session is 1 hour in length with 45-minutes on the Wai Kai Wave and includes use of a soft-top surfboard, helmet, and instruction with a limit of 12 people.

surfer on standing wave

30-Foot Surf

The 30-foot wave is the standard wave for all novice sessions with a maximum of 12 people per session.

Regardless of your surfing skill, if it’s your first time on the Wai Kai Wave, we include an orientation session to help prepare you for your upcoming surf experience. The session includes 45 minutes of wave time, use of a soft-top surf board, and optional helmet to use during your session.

surfer on standing wave

65-Foot Surf

The 65-foot wide channel is an extra fun wave size for the more experienced surfer.

It’s all about progression with more space for carving turns and improving your front-side and back-side turns and rail-to-rail surfing. The session includes 45 minutes of wave time, use of a soft top surf board while you take turns with the other surfers, with a maximum of 12 people per session.

Play Your Way

Play Your Way allows you to swap out kayaks, paddleboards, pedal boards and boats — all for the same price!

Play Your Way also allows use of the AquaBana floating cabanas in between. If you want to stay out more than just an hour, no problem as pricing after the 1st hour is based on elapsed time. This is our best deal and the ultimate way to enjoy your time on the Wai Kai Lagoon!

Standing wave