Wai Kai is destined to become an active year-round paradise where residents and visitors connect to the water, land and Hawaii culture by experiencing first-of-its-kind attractions, signature events and the natural beauty of the Pacific Ocean. The development by Wai Kai Commercial Development, LLC, is located in West Oahu at Ewa Beach, about 18 miles from Honolulu. Wai Kai will offer unique, interactive and engaging experiences with nearby historic and scenic trails, signature dining, events, music and festivals. The LineUp at Wai Kai will be an exciting social and recreational hub headlined by the Wai Kai Wave, the world’s largest stationary deep-water, big-turn surf wave powered by citywave® along with water-based recreational activities at the adjacent 52-acre Wai Kai Lagoon plus dining and entertainment at The LookOut bar and restaurant, and Foam Coffee & Bar and shopping at Sessions Lifestyle & Apparel.

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Sessions Lifestyle & Apparel shop emulates the modern Hawaii waterman lifestyle with a curated collection of brands for women and men that represent a soulful and sustainable connection to the ocean lifestyle our community deeply cherishes. Sessions will also offer all the items you'll need for a day of activities at Wai Kai as well as a cool collection of The LineUp custom merchandise.

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The LineUp Launch

The LineUp Launch will be located on both the main level next to Sessions Lifestyle & Apparel with convenient access to the Wai Kai Wave as well as on the lower boardwalk level adjacent to the Nalo Kai Club Lounge. It's the place you go to check-in, get your RFID wristband, book additional services or lockers. Essentially -- it's where you go to "Launch" your day at The LineUp.

Angle aerial view of Wai Kai Wave and Lagoon

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When will The LineUp at Wai Kai Open?

    Hawaii's first surf park is opening in early 2023!

  • How does The Wai Kai Wave compare to other locations? What makes it different?

    This is the widest surfable wave face of any deep-water standing surf wave at 100 feet, which is 45 feet wider than any current citywave® surf park. It is not a novelty or amusement product like those that use shallow-water sheet-wave technology at water parks and on cruise ships. We can create perfect endless and adjustable waves from 2-feet to head high, and adjustments for creating breaking sections for attacking the lip or launching airs. The Wai Kai Wave is truly a facility for sport and recreation.

  • What is a Deep Water Wave aka River Surfing?

    The Wai Kai Wave is powered by citywave® who have 13 other facilities around the world in operation. The wave was modelled from the famous “Eisbach River” in Munich, Germany. Locals and visitors to Hawaii may also be familiar with the Waimea Beach river wave that locals surf on special days when the sand bar and river create the right magical conditions. Our surf technology creates a 100-foot wide standing wave that allows you to use a real surfboard with fins. This is much different than the sheet waves you may have seen on the back of cruise ships or in waterparks. The technology we're using creates a world class, deep water standing wave.

  • Do I need to know how to surf?

    Not at all! This is the easiest way to learn to surf as you don’t have to learn to catch a wave - you just stand up and go! Our team of surf coaches will be right beside you to help and give you tips to to go from never-ever to shredder in no time! We will also have grab-rail bars to assist you on your first few rides to make it super easy to learn.

  • What should I expect on my first session?

    Surfing a river wave is a bit different than an ocean wave due to the high volume of water flow moving below you as you surf. For all surfers coming to try the wave for the first time, we suggest booking a couple sessions (with a break between to rest up) to help you learn the nuances of the wave and get on to shredding with a big smile! For experienced surfers, the key is to learn to work the mid-section of the wave to generate the speed needed to line up big carving turns or any maneuvers you want to work on.
    We can create waves specific to any ability by controlling the flow-rate and the shape of the wave with underwater flaps. Beginners will ride a wave that has slower running water and a gentle wave face that is typically 4-5ft high. Advanced surfers will see a faster flow rate and a wave with a steeper face that is up to 6ft high, plus options for creating variances in the face for air sections.

  • How many people per session, how do we take turns and how much surf time will I get?

    Maximum bookings are 10 people per lane (regardless of lane size). Everyone lines up on either side of the wave, initially based on their stance, with regular foot enters from the surfers left side of pool and goofy footers on surfers-right. As you get used to the wave it’s easy to enter on either side. When one person falls or kicks out if they get tired, the next person drops in, much like a skate park. A standing wave maximizes your Time-On-Board (TOB) so over a 45-minute surf session you can expect to have at least 8-10 surf attempts, and often it's more. We do monitor anyone who runs over 40 seconds per wave to ensure everyone gets lots of wave action. All surf lanes are also available for private bookings if you really want to maximize your TOB with your own group of any size you like.

  • How do I get on the wave?

    It's easy! You sit on the edge of the surf zone and place your board on the water and stabilize the board with your feet. When ready you stand up and move your way out onto the face of the wave. For beginners we have coaches to assist you as well as a grab-bar to support you on your first few attempts. For advance surfers, you'll be doing transfers with a running drop-in just like skateboarding.

  • What happens when I fall?

    You simply relax as the water carries you behind the wave to where you can stand up in waist to knee-deep water All boards must have a surf leash so everyone is able to easily retrieve their board after they fall.

  • What are the requirements to participate?

    You must be:
    - Minimum 4 feet in height
    - Over 10 years of age (less if experienced with surf)
    - Ability to swim
    - Adequate physical fitness (as evaluated by the surf coaches)
    - Have proper surf/bathing attire to withstand high flow water

  • Do I need to wear a helmet?

    All beginner surfers are initially required to wear a helmet but can opt out after completing their first session

  • What type of board should I ride?

    a. For Beginners we provide soft top boards as part of your booking. Boards for beginners will be shorter than normal beginner boards at 6’ to 6’6”, making it very fun and easier than the typical 9 - 10ft soft top board you would learn on in the ocean. For intermediate to advanced surfers, you may find that you’ll want to ride a smaller board than you would in the ocean as there is no requirements to paddle or catch the wave. Experienced adult surfers will typically surf 5’2” to 5’8” boards. The LineUp has a full rental fleet of high-performance demo boards from Lib Tech (Lost-Mayhem) and Firewire, and intermediate to advanced surfers will have access to our soft top fleet from Catch Surf or JJF by Pyzel FunFormance boards for no additional fee.

  • What happens if I bring my own board and it gets damaged?

    The LineUp is not responsible for any damage that may happen to your own board. Our fleet of high performance demo boards from Lib Tech and Firewire are built with additional reinforcements as surf parks do tend to increase the wear & tear on traditional fiberglass boards. We recommend you consider using one of the boards from our fleet as you introduce yourself to surfing on a standing wave

  • How do I apply for a job at The LineUp?

    You can visit the Employment section of this website (link below and in the footer) to view all the job postings. Sign-up for our newsletter to stay connected on future job fairs and open positions.

Wai Kai Wave

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The Wai Kai Wave, powered by citywave®, is the world's biggest "deep-water" standing wave at 100 feet wide and adjustability from 2-foot to head-high, offering an authentic surf experience from first-time beginners to high-level pros, this wave offers something for everyone.

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The Wai Kai Lagoon sits between the Wai Kai Wave and the Pacific Ocean, offering a 52-acre calm and sheltered lagoon ideal for Stand-Up Paddle boarding, Kayaking, Guided Outrigger Canoeing, Pedal Boats and other recreational offerings.

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